Hawaii Event - Feb/11th

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Hawaii Event - Feb/11th

Mensajepor Felipe Cavallo » 08 Feb 2011, 19:09

Event heads up for this FRIDAY in HAWAII!

Honolulu is going to be holding the Friday Night Ops event THIS FRIDAY the 11th, which will run from 0100 to 0400Z. Instead of focusing on just one or two major airports, we are going to be lighting up the entire island chain with staffing for all fields.. even the little VFR pineapple strips. While it’s not firm yet, we are looking for support from the Oakland center with Oakland Radio (Pacific Oceanic) coverage from the west coast to give pilots non-stop ATC from the west coast to the islands, and back.

Hawaii is getting even better thanks to growing improvements in our ARTCC controller team, including a number of recent VATSIM “Iron Mic” awards (rewarded for controller “up-time” worldwide). We’re growing and rebuilding our team so we can support you better.

This event will be an excellent opportunity for seasoned and fresh pilots alike to get a taste for that blend between medium and long-haul flying, including radar-less oceanic flying. It’s quite fun!

Here\'s the direct link to promotional image for this event as seen above: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19867470/FNO.png

In addition to the basics of the event, I’ve also provided a few helpful tools and suggested scenery packs to increase enjoyment for participants. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a reply and ask.

There’s lots of great places to pick up routes flown to and from the islands, such as:

To make the event more engaging, the HCF ARTCC is recommending a number of freeware and payware scenery packs which are available to enhance the Hawaiian experience.

Honolulu – FS DreamTeam, FS9/FSX - 22.90 EUR
http://www.fsdreamteam.com/products_phnl.html (screenshots at the bottom of the page)

Hilo/Lihue – FS DreamTeam, FS9/FSX - 22.90 EUR (both Hilo and Lihue are currently sold together)
http://www.fsdreamteam.com/products_hawaii1.html (screenshots at the bottom of the page)

In my personal opinion, these scenery packs are an absolute MUST for flying to either of these three airports. The scenery is available for FS9 or FSX, is extremely detailed, yet has a very low framerate impact. FSDT is looking to extend development to a few other airports in the Hawaiian airspace.

Honolulu – FlightSim: phnl2007.zip (newer)
Honolulu – AVSIM: honov5.zip (older)
Lihue – AVSIM: lihue2.zip
Hilo – AVSIM: hilov3.zip
Kahului (Maui) – AVSIM: kahu2.zip
Kona – AVSIM: konav3.zip
Dillingham – FlightSim: phdh_v1.zip
Kaneohe Bay Marine Airfield – FlightSim: phng2007.zip
Honolulu “East” – FlightSim: phnlea07.zip (works in conjunction with FlightSim: phnl2007.zip)
Kalaeloa – FlightSim: phjr07hr.zip
Puunene Maui International – FlightSim: phpn_v1f.zip
Barking Sands PRMF – FlightSim: dbwbks05.zip
Hana – FlightSim: phhn.zip and fix FlightSim: phhn_fix.zip
Pearl Harbor and Ford Island – FlightSim: dbwprl04.zip
Lanai – FlightSim: lanfs9.zip

Honolulu: FlightSim: fsxphnla.zip
Honolulu Yacht Club – FlightSim: honoycht.zip
Molokai – AVSIM: phmk_scenery.zip
Hana – FlightSim: phhn_sce.zip
Tern Island – FlightSim: tern_isl.zip
Ford Island NAS – FlightSim: fordnavybase_jd.zip
Kauai – AVSIM: hawaii-kauai-rs-01.zip (Part 1 of 5 – see embedded links to 2, 3, 4 and 5 of 5 on the AVSIM search)
Kahului – FlightSim: phog_ade_rs_fsx.zip
Lihue – FlightSim: phli_ade_rs_fsx.zip
Wheeler Army Airfield – FlightSim: wheeleraaf.zip
Barking Sands PMRF – FlightSim: pak_phbk.zip
Kaui – FlightSim: hi03.zip


Mark R. McCoy
Events Coordinator - 823112 - S3
Honolulu ARTCC (HCF) - http://www.hcfartcc.org
VATUSA Division - http://www.vatusa.org
Felipe Cavallo
Comunicaciones Southvirtual
[email protected]

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